Heartland Institute Rome Press Conference

June 19, 2015

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Liz Yore on WIND with Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson on the Pope’s Encyclical

June 19, 2015

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The Vatican’s Green Agenda

June 19, 2015



As a member of the Heartland Institute delegation that travelled to Rome to urge the Vatican to reconsider its embrace and adoption of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development radical agenda, Pope Francis’ Laudato Sii Encyclical validates my greatest fears.

Throughout the last two years, in preparation for the encyclical rollout, the Vatican has relied solely upon global warming alarmists in its rush to judgment to meet the UN 2015 Sustainable Development Goals’ timetable. Additionally, during this process, the Vatican consulted primarily with and continues to rely upon radical UN population control proponents who exploit discredited climate change science to justify their extremist population reduction policies under the nuanced UN ‘reproductive sexual health’ rubric.

Although the Pontiff states that the Church “ knows that honest debate must be encouraged among experts, while respecting divergent views.” Our experience at the Vatican was the opposite. The Vatican officials shut down the scientific debate by stating that the science was “all settled.” Instead of welcoming our steadfast disapproval of papal experts who promote policies in direct contravention of Catholic moral teaching, and the reliance on only one side of the science, the Vatican authorities mocked and scoffed at our serious and faithful objections, by calling us ‘Tea Partiers’ and ‘deniers’. This callous and flippant response exposed the Vatican’s political agenda.

The release of the Laudato Si provides the long awaited moral authority for an immoral and radical UN environmental strategy to reduce the global population through the articulated Sustainable Development tactics of abortion, sterilization and other reproductive sexual health services. Ironically, the Vatican has repeatedly expressed hope that the encyclical will be used to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals in September and the Paris Climate Treaty in November.

In January, 2015, the Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency met with high level Vatican officials to coordinate this encyclical with the Obama Administration’s environmental regulations and policies. From the beginning stages of this unholy alliance, the Vatican, the Obama Administration and the United Nations have closely coordinated with their biased experts, their alarmist message, and their radical policies to manufacture a climate crisis in order to promote a new radical world order.

The greatest danger to the global environment and survival of mankind is the continued promulgation of worldwide abortion.As we repeatedly warned the Vatican, the Pope’s encyclical will be used by the United Nations to continue its global domination of abortion as the means to control the world’s population using the false science of global warming and its accompanying alarmist tactics to intimidate, coerce, and entice developing countries to employ policies that reduce fertility of its poor people and abort its children. Notwithstanding standard pro life language in Laudato Sii, this encyclical will be cited as the moral platform for the UN radical population control movement embedded in the Sustainable Development Goals.

This is the new global religion of environmentalism being promoted by the Catholic Church.

Peddlers of Panic

May 1, 2015


The Boston Globe covers my speech in Rome on the upcoming environmental encyclical. The unholy alliance between the Vatican and the United Nations is troubling on many levels.


Hashtag Hoax

April 18, 2015


They are still searching. On the one year anniversary, three powerful countries vow not to give up hope. Considerable work and commitment has been exerted in the past year, since the terrible incident. An impressive 23,000 square miles have been searched. The searchers announced that they will expand the search area, continue to scour the area and assured the public that they will stay optimistic.

They are searching for a plane in the bottom of the Indian Ocean, Malaysian Air Flight 370, not for the 275 Chibok girls who were abducted by Boko Haram, and believed to be still alive.

Both tragic events occurred within a month of each other. The global response was drastically different and highlights the disparity and attention given to children. The kidnapped girls of Chibok garnered little more than a clever, slick and meaningless 5 second cyber hashtag campaign #BringBackOurGirls. The media splash generated 5 million hashtags and lured the world into complacency, but not one child has been rescued from the barbaric Boko Haram who claimed that the girls were sold into sex slavery, forced marriages and intimidated into converting to Islam. While the world dawdled and dragged its feet over how to rescue these innocent children, precious time was wasted and precious little was done to search for the girls. The Hollywood inspired hashtag movement quickly faded into oblivion. Memo to world leaders: cyber hashtags campaigns are a pitiful and worthless substitute for a military campaign to stop and destroy these murderous terrorists.

Contrast the inaction of the world to the Chibok kidnapping, to the tragic event which occurred one month before. In March of 2014, when Malaysian Air Flight 370 went missing, the world leaders immediately coalesced to search for the missing plane. Every technological and military asset was employed to locate the plane with 239 people on board. Remember how the entire global community, 12 countries, many of whom were otherwise adversaries, organized at great expense and extraordinary cooperation to search for the plane’s wreckage. It was a marvel to behold how the world could galvanize such a complex undertaking in such a short timeframe.

Over 17 ships were deployed by various countries, and at least 19 sophisticated planes airlifted to the site to search for plane wreckage and listen for a ping from the black box of a plane presumed sitting in the bottom of the vast Indian ocean. No resource was spared in the search and recovery mission. CNN dazzled its audience with state of the art technology used by the United States and other searching countries to locate the plane.

But for the 275 innocent girls of Chibok, Nigeria abducted in the dead of night by the violent thugs of Boko Haram, the global community did not have the will nor leadership to mount even a drone to search for the girls in the hours following the kidnapping. No sophisticated planes, no international cooperation, no technological and military assets were worthy for the little girls of Chibok. The pathetic inertia and apathy speaks volumes about the status of children. The world did nothing, barely lifted a finger and Boko Haram continues its violent rampage of murder, rape, and destruction emboldened by global cowardice.

This sad chapter for Nigeria and the world hearkens back to the words of Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Where was America’s leadership in the fateful days of the Chibok kidnapping? The answer is revealed below. Now we know why nothing happened to rescue the girls. Now, we know why slick hashtag campaigns emanating from Hollywood and the White House fooled us into thinking they cared. They care only about their ideology, not innocent children. It’s not that Obama couldn’t find the girls, it’s that he wouldn’t. Read it and weep.


prayforthenigerian girls

Elizabeth Yore is the former Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc. where she served as Oprah Winfrey’s Child Advocate. She was also the former General Counsel at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, where she worked to find and rescue missing children around the world.

Catholic Orders that Help the Poor

April 15, 2015

Community of Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal

*Convent of San Damiano-718-829-9466

1661 Haight Avenue

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*Our Lady of Guadalupe Convent-718-547-9840

3537 Bainbridge Avenue

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*Mission of Our Lady of Angels


3808 West Iowa

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April 11, 2015

In light of this latest revelation about Cardinal Danneels, I am republishing my article on Cardinal Danneels.


The Nod to Sin Synod


“What’s Belgium famous for? Chocolates and child abuse, and they only invented the chocolates to get to the kids.”

From the movie, In Bruges 

The October Papal Family Synod, appearing more like the Nod-to-sin, inexplicably and curiously included a Papal Appointment to the Synod from Belgium, retired Cardinal Godfried Danneels.

During his 30 year reign from 1979-2010, as primate of Belgium, Cardinal Danneels oversaw the disastrous free fall of Catholicism in the once strongly Catholic country. Danneels presided over the precipitous secularization of Belgium which instituted abortion on demand, same sex marriage, and euthanasia. In June 2013, Danneels indicated his support for providing legal recognition for same-sex couples. He said “The Church has never opposed the fact that there should exist a sort of ‘marriage’ between homosexuals, but one therefore speaks of a ‘sort of’ marriage, not of true marriage between a man and a woman, therefore another word must be found for the dictionary. About the fact that this should be legal, that it should be made legitimate through a law, about this the Church has nothing to say.” Not surprisingly, under his episcopacy, religious vocations sunk to a historic low and church attendance dropped to a pitiful 6%.

Why would Pope Francis choose Danneels to be included in a select group of prelates for a Synod on the Family whose stated purpose is to explore a more robust Catholic evangelization? But there is even more disturbing behavior which raises serious questions about the Pope’s judgment in choosing Danneels to advise him on family issues and propagating the Catholic faith.

On April 8, 2010, the newly retired Cardinal Danneels received some visitors at his home. They were the relatives of the Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, Danneels’ close friend. At this meeting, the nephew of Vangheluwe described a long and sordid 13 year molestation by his uncle, the Bishop of Bruges. Cardinal Daneels advised the nephew not to go public with the sexual abuse. During the meeting, Danneels advised the young man not to “make a lot of noise” about the abuse he endured from his uncle bishop because Vangheluwe was scheduled to retire in a year anyway. “It would be better that you wait,” advised Danneels, while also urging the young man to forgive his uncle.

The conversation was tape recorded by the nephew and subsequently released to the press. Cardinal Daneels, the former head of Belgium’s Roman Catholic Church for 3 decades, could be heard on tape urging this sexual abuse victim to stay quiet and not disclose the abuse until after the bishop who repeatedly molested him over a span of 13 years could retire. After the release of the recording, Danneels did not dispute the authenticity of the conversation. A media firestorm was unleashed in Belgium, a country still reeling over institutional coverups of child sex abuse.

Bishop/Uncle Vangheluwe admitted to the sexual abuse of his nephew and stepped down from his post shortly after the April 8 meeting between his nephew and Danneels. Because of the statute of limitations law, the Bishop of Bruges was never charged with the crime. However, the plot continues to thicken.

The daily De Standaard newspaper reported that two former Belgian priests, Fathers Rik Deville and Norbert Bethune had personally informed Cardinal Danneels about Bishop Vangheluwe’s child sexual abuse several times between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. Father Deville told the Associated Press that he told Cardinal Danneels about a number of sexual-abuse cases. “The cardinal sometimes got angry and said it was not my job, that I should not get involved,” DeVille said.

Troubling, isn’t it that Pope Francis would select the disgraced Danneels for a prestigious Family Synod appointment after the Pope has verbally condemned bishops over the lingering global clergy abuse scandal? Francis exhorted the hierarchy that, “You don’t play around with the lives of children. The shame of the Church! But are we all ashamed of those scandals, of those failings of priests, bishops, laity. Where was the Word of God in those scandals? They did not have a relationship with God! They had a position in the Church, a position of power, even of comfort.” Yes, precisely, Holy Father! Cardinal Godried Danneels served in a ‘position of power and comfort’ in his palace office for 30 years. And now, the retired Cardinal enjoys a position of power at the Family Synod.

Cardinal Danneels’ clerical coverup over the Vangheluwe molestation dominated European and global headlines for weeks. Overnight, he became the European poster prelate for silencing victims of clerical child sex abuse. Surely, Pope Francis knew about this scandal. But the plot thickens even further.

The Belgian Police conducted a surprise raid on the Cardinal’s residence and office looking for documents relating to clergy abuse and questioned the Cardinal for 10 hours. Although the Cardinal was never charged, the Catholic Church’s own investigation commission issued a 200 page report on 10 September 2010. According to the report, the commission heard allegations from 488 complainants, concerning incidents that took place between 1950 and 1990. The report contained testimony from 124 people. Two-thirds of the complainants were men, now aged in their 50s and 60s. As head of the commission, Dr. Peter Adriaenssens, a prominent and respected psychiatrist, disclosed that Cardinal Godfried Danneels name surfaced in 50 cases, not as an abuser, but as someone who knew of the sexual child abuse by the clergy.Belgium’s new Catholic leadership, Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard said he was committed to exposing abuse cases, “The time for cover-up is over,” pledged the new Archbishop.

But there are even more shocking revelations about this papal Family Synod member.

In 1998, a Catholic catechism textbook for Belgian children called Roeach 3 showed comic-book-style pictures of toddlers asking sexual questions and engaging in sexual play. The Belgian Catholic hierarchy, of which Danneels was the head, stated that the textbook was intended for adolescents, (as if that is a valid and Catholic justification) and that the pictures were meant to convey the idea that young children experience lust, a prevalent theory in contemporary psychology. Catholic parents were enraged and demanded that the Catechism be pulled from classrooms. Danneels repeatedly rebuffed the parent’s requests for meetings and removal of the book. Ultimately, the textbook was withdrawn after Catholic parents were required to seek personal intervention from the Vatican.

Will Cardinal Danneels’ sexualized approach toward child catechesis and his dismissive and arrogant attitude toward Catholic parents be reflected in the final Family Synod document?

It is unconscionable and baffling that a prelate who  allegedly covers up clergy child sex abuse, condones laws in direct violation of Church teaching, and allows the publication and distribution of prurient images and heretical teaching in a Catholic catechism for children provide advice and guidance to Pope Francis on the status of the Catholic family. What pastoral value and insight could Cardinal Danneels bring to the Synod’s understanding of the Catholic family?

It boggles the mind and rattles the soul that this Cardinal who oversaw the precipitous decline and destruction of the Catholic faith in Belgium, promotes the sexualization of children is providing expertise on the future of the Catholic family.

As a result of Danneels 30 year pastoral leadership over rampant clergy child sex abuse scandal, there were 13 suicides of victims of the clergy abuse. Inflicting and ignoring the criminal sexual abuse of children has deadly consequences and destroys families, it’s a nod to sin.

“But because of the choices I made, and the course that I put into action, that little boy isn’t here anymore, and he’ll never be here again. I mean here in the world, not here in Belgium. Well, he’ll never be here in Belgium either, will he?”  from the movie, In Bruges


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