Questions for Suspected Human Trafficking Victims

June 28, 2014



If you suspect someone might be a victim of human trafficking, here are some helpful questions to ask. Also, watch for eyes lowered, or other indications of fear and deception.

Can You Leave Your Job if You Want?

Can You Come and Go as You Please?

Have You Been Hurt or Threatened if You Tried to Leave?

Has Your Family Been Threatened?

Do You Live With Your Employer?

Where Do You Sleep and Eat?

Are You in Debt to Your Employer?

How did you arrive at this destination?

Do You Have Your Passport/ID? If Not, Who Has It?

The Children Left Behind

June 18, 2014



It always seems to happen. When the powerful assert their influence unlawfully, the truth comes out, but seldom where you expect it.

The shocking release and swap of the Guantanamo 5 for an alleged American soldier deserter brought a firestorm of criticism from the lowly, the unknown, and the powerless. The soldiers from Bergdahl’s platoon taught America a lesson in duty, honor and allegiance to truth. Oops, the administration forgot that there were young men on the ground, Bergdahl’s comrades in arms, who were witnesses to his desertion. Bravely and boldly without rancor, but fortified with the truth, these young enlisted men spoke up in the face of a White House Rose Garden hero welcome and Susan Rice’s outrageous comment that Bergdahl served with honor and distinction.

No doubt, the mighty dismissed and discounted Bergdahl’s platoon mates. After all, these are lowly soldiers, enlisted kids, without an Ivy League education. But the truth is a funny thing; It emboldens the weak, empowers the lowly, and exposes the mighty. The administration also forgot about the children of the fallen soldiers from the wars in Afghanistan and Irag. The families whose loved ones were killed by the enemy combatants housed in Guantanamo. These now grown children just might have an opinion about the release of the 5 most dangerous terrorists in Gitmo. Sure enough, along comes Alison Spann.

Her last name might be familiar. Her father, Johnny Micheal Spann, a CIA agent, former Marine was the first casualty of the Afghanistan war. Alison was 9 years old when her father was killed. 33 days later, Alison’s mother died of cancer. Alison was an orphan. Don’t feel sorry for Alison. Her father’s patriotic and fearless blood courses through her veins.

Alison appeared on Fox with Greta Van Susteren this week, and had an important opinion about the release of the terrorists from Gitmo. Alison, like the young men of Bergdahl’s platoon, earned the right to speak the truth to power. What the administration conveniently forgets is that the children of the fallen grow up, and are uniquely entitled to express their opinion. More than most, Alison Spann, as a survivor of the war on terror, brings a powerful and righteous point of view, which should have been heard before making this rash decision. This smart, beautiful, and poised college graduate freely expressed her opinion about the Bergdahl prisoner swap: seen here

SPANN: “I think that two of the prisoners who were just swapped were present when my father was killed. I first heard the news, I had heard about the Bergdahl swap and I immediately called my grandfather and consulted him about current affairs like I usually do, and he said to me I think that two of the prisoners who were just swapped were present when your father was killed. And at first, I was completely shocked and I called my stepmother and she surfed around and she confirmed that was true. So, as a whole, my family and I just had discussions about it and we were all extremely shocked, and saddened that our government would do something like this.”

VAN SUSTEREN: What do you think would have been the better idea?

ALISON SPANN: “You know, it’s hard to say because it is a tough situation. But I believe that the Obama administration could have come up with a better solution. I don’t think that Americans negotiating with terrorists should ever happen. You know, it’s being debated right now whether or not Obama consulted with Congress but to me it should never be a question is if the president consulted with congress before making a decision such as this.”

VAN SUSTEREN: As you have seen things sort of a rule unfold in the last couple of nights in Iraq, obviously not where your father died, your thoughts about war and our foreign policy is what?

ALISON SPANN “We are in a crisis situation. I think that Americans have become complacent. I think we need to start becoming aware and updated on current affairs. I think that the American people it need to expect more from their leadership than what we are getting right now. The only way to do that is to stay updated on what’s happening, and you know, put pressure on the government and question the decisions being made.”

The brave comments by Alison Spann and the young soldiers from Bergdahl’s platoon remind me of the importance of truth by the great novelist and social critic, George Bernanos.

“Anyone who is indifferently open to truth or falsehood is ripe for any kind of tyranny. The passion for truth goes along with the passion for liberty….Tyranny is not behind us, but in front of us; we must look it in the face, now or never. The world will be saved only by free men. We must make a world for free men.”

The passion for truth is echoed by Alison and the young soldiers. We were denied this truth before the prisoner swap. So, wait, not only were these released terrorists, the most dangerous, but they were present when Johnny Spann was killed? Bowe Bergdahl was not captured and kidnapped by the enemy. Pvt. Bergdahl deserted his post and platoon and soldiers were killed looking for him? Doesn’t sound like this prisoner swap deserved a Rose Garden ceremony. Perhaps, if Congress was properly notified about this pending deal, someone could have checked in with Alison Spann, and Bergdahl’s platoon. They earned the right to weigh in on this decision.

Alison is a brave American, daughter of a fearless and patriotic soldier who, unlike Bergdahl, served his country with “honor and distinction.” She was only 9 years old when her father came home in a flag draped coffin from Afghanistan. Alison learned at a young age the terrible price for freedom, but she also learned that truth matters. So a young girl stood up to power, spoke the truth, and called out the President. The administration forgot about the young men and women who paid a great price for our freedom. These young patriots spoke truth to power, fearlessly and patriotically. Looks like America is still the land of the free and home of the brave.

It reminds us of the final verse of the Marine Hymn which no doubt was sung over Johnny Spann’s flag draped coffin. “In many a strife we’ve fought for life And never lost our nerve. If the Army and the Navy Ever look on Heaven’s scenes, They will find the streets are guarded By United States Marines.”

On the Backs of Children: U.S. Complicit in Human Trafficking

June 16, 2014



“It is not permissible for us to go on destroying the family life when we know that we are destroying it.”

~Alan Paton, Cry, The Beloved Country

Pay attention when the administration won’t let officials take photos or talk to the press. It’s a sure sign of a catastrophe in the making. An ignorant public is a compliant public.

Despite the administration’s widespread censorship of information, photos and news about these smuggled children, and a few details are leaking out through various sources.

Make no mistake about it the 90,000 unaccompanied minors who are being smuggled into our southern border are here to stay. The federal law mandates it. As every human trafficking expert knows, porous borders facilitate human trafficking, and our doors have swung wide open ushering in the most unimaginable child humanity crisis ever known in the U.S. history. This man-made disaster should never have occurred in America. Endangering children, at the expense of a political agenda is supposed to happen in third world countries where unsecured borders encourage the migration of vulnerable children during civil war or famine.

What are the clueless U.S. diplomats doing in Central America?

U.S. diplomats working in foreign countries are the eyes and ears of the U.S. government as outlined in the State Department website: “Mission staff report on political and economic issues that affect bilateral relations and possibly impact the U.S. directly.” How about alerting the Secretary of State about the tens of thousands of foreign children being smuggled to the U.S. by criminal cartels? Sounds like an economic issue that would impact the U.S. directly.

Is this catastrophe, yet another the Benghazi Boondoggle?

Did U.S. personnel in Central America send urgent cables to the State Department regarding these security issues, which went unanswered and ignored? How did our government not know that this was happening? The answer is either incompetence or collusion. Are administration officials exploiting innocent and vulnerable children whose parents recklessly and ignorantly hand them over to criminal smugglers to achieve a political aim? On the backs of helpless children?

The financial and human cost to the United States will reverberate for generations, if this child smuggling isn’t stopped now.

These trafficked children are on the federal tax rolls already. Over $1 billion in emergency federal aid has been transferred to facilities to feed and house them, but it is just a drop in proverbial federal bucket. Ultimately, these smuggled children will become foster children with State courts declaring and adjudicating them “abandoned” by their parents or “dependents” on the State. In the meantime, during this complicated and elaborate legal process, the children will be assigned free legal representation, as the already overburdened legal system tries to locate foreign birth certificates, parents, medical and educational records. While this highly complicated and elaborate legal process continues, the children will be housed in detention centers and be fed, educated, and given extensive medical and if needed, psychological care.

Here are a few facts which illustrate the financial and personal costs of the summer smuggling tsunami.

Every year in the U.S. 40,000 abused and neglected children enter foster care. Foster care costs the federal government (not including state costs) nearly $22 billion a year which computes to $40,000 per child. With the unanticipated influx of the smuggled children of Central America, the number of children entering into foster care has increased 200%. You do the math.

Today, the taxpayers of California care for 60,000 children in foster care. News reports have leaked out that thousands of the new influx of smuggled children are now moving into military bases and other facilities in California, Texas and Arizona. Get ready, California, Arizona, Texas! Your foster care population is going to explode.

It’s reported that some of these children have been sexually abused by their traffickers and already falling victims to sex trafficking rings. This tragic and avoidable disaster should hardly be a surprise to the administration. Sex trafficking is big business for smugglers, cartels, and organized crime. Human trafficking generates $32 billion worldwide. With the welcome sign on the southern U.S. border, traffickers take advantage of poor vulnerable families and innocent children to create a new pool of sex victims. When laws are not enforced and borders are not secure, criminals fill the void by exploiting weaknesses and opportunities to commit crimes and make money.

The cost to taxpayers will be staggering, ever increasing, and long term. Yet, the more disturbing trend will be the chaos on American streets. Foreign born children, abandoned by their parents, into the hands of strangers, many of whom are criminal smugglers who make money exploiting vulnerable humans, who travel over a thousand miles to a strange country, living among strangers, are severely traumatized children. These traumatized and abandoned children are without any familiar people, things, or places. It is inevitable that their lives will not be better for having been abandoned by their parents. These children will experience the same problems plaguing American children in foster care.

Expect these conditions, and more, for the smuggled and abandoned children of Central America:

Nearly half of all children in foster are have chronic medical problems.

About half of children under 5 years old have developmental delays.

Up to 80% of all children in foster care have serious emotional problems.

A recent study of arrested youth in prostituted found that nearly 60% had spent time in foster care.

50-80% of commercially exploited children had been involved with the child welfare system.

So hang on to your hat and wallet, America! The transformation of American into a Third World Country that facilitates human trafficking is underway. Not much to do but cry, for our beloved country.


© Elizabeth Yore-2014 All Rights Reserved. Elizabeth Yore is an international child advocate and human rights lawyer. She served as Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc., as Oprah Winfrey’s Child Advocate. Elizabeth was General Counsel of the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services where she worked on a number of Unaccompanied Minor cases.She served as the General Counsel and Director of the International Division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Heart of Darkness in the Heartland

June 10, 2014




“wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man’s heart.” ~Lord of the Flies

The Waukesha, Wisconsin police report reads like a scene from the dystopian novel, Lord of the Flies. Children, plotting the murder of a 12 year old friend for months, and luring her into the woods, where two girls traded the knife back and forth between them before one of them finally tackled the victim and began stabbing her, according to the complaint.

The 12 year old victim was stabbed 19 times by her 12 year old classmates. “The bad part of me wanted her to die, the good part of me wanted her to live,” one suspect told the investigator. The other girl told detectives they both stabbed the victim. At one point that girl said she was sorry and what she did was “probably wrong.” Probably?

The girls left the victim lying in the woods, bleeding profusely, she crawled to a road where a bicyclist found her lying on the sidewalk. Police arrived and she gave them the name of one of the girls who attacked her. During the police interrogation, one girl told a detective she understood they were going to end a life. “The bad part of me wanted her to die, the good part of me wanted her to live,” the girl told the investigator. Wanted her to die?

According to police reports, one of the suspects commented after the 12 year old victim had been stabbed 19 times, said, “It’s weird I didn’t feel any remorse.” Both girls face up to 65 years in prison, if convicted. The horrific crime prompts the same ultimate question posed in William Golding’s Lord of the Flies, “What are we? Humans? Or animals? Or savages?”

The alleged motive for this gruesome crime is even more bizarre than the age of the perpetrators.The two suspects told police that the plan to kill their friend was prompted by a character called Slender Man, who required them to kill someone before they could become his “proxy.” Slender man, the fictional aider and virtual abettor, is a cyber avatar and “leader” on the horror website, Creepypasta.

The child suspects sought “his” approval and attention because in the hierarchy of Slender Man’s cyber world, one must kill to demonstrate loyalty to the man. When asked about Slender Man, one of the suspects acknowledged that she never met “him” but said he watches her and he can read minds and teleport.

Reality and fantasy are now blurred in the Internet’s underbelly. Children and, even adults, cannot distinguish between real and virtual. Fantasy morphs into real life without regard to consequences. The Internet serves as the new, cyber playground without rules, ramifications or even a playground monitor. The virtual world hijacks reason, distorts reality and creates delusional automatons that follow the brutal dictates of a cyber interloper, who hides in children’s pockets, bedrooms and backpacks, while at home and at school.

What happens to society when children have no empathy? Internationally recognized child trauma expert, Dr. Bruce Perry addresses the source for creating empathetic children in his book, Born for Love. Dr. Perry cautions that “it’s important to recognize that play is at the heart of developing empathy. Unfortunately, many children now spend so much time in highly structure, adult-dominated activities and in front of video screens that spontaneous, self-motivated play is becoming rare. The brain is a social organ and requires affectionate contact to develop normally.” Perry warns, “You can’t learn empathy from something that can’t empathize.” Like a computer? Here’s a news flash: a computer can’t be affectionate.

Screen time does not teach virtue to children. As Perry notes, “It comes down to this. Given what we know about video violence, there is strong reason to believe that it can be pernicious. Even with “positive” content, the youngest children simply can’t learn what they need at their stage of development from screens alone.”

The Information highway winds through fright streets of horror sites, whose slick and alluring avatars exploit vulnerable children into a ghoulish make believe world so artfully crafted and psychologically compelling that their developing and immature brains cannot distinguish fact from fiction. If children are increasingly vulnerable to the lure of faux cyber life, the evidence is also growing that adults are falling prey to cyber delusion and the addictive nature of the Internet.

Enter Chris Sevier, who believes that he should be able to marry his MacBook computer. His porn-filled Mac provides his “preferred sexual object and he enjoys sex with the device more than with ‘real women.’ As bizarre and pathetic as Sevier’s obsessive preference is, he is not alone. The vanishing demographics of a great superpower are now dominated and determined by cyberspace.

Japan now has one of the lowest fertility rates in the world with the population rate rapidly dropping. The cause? Nearly 1 million Japanese teens and young men have become cyber recluses, who no longer date. Their social life revolves around online porn and games like Nintendo’s Love Plus, in which players conduct a relationship with a fake anime girlfriend.

The future looks dark and loveless for the Land of the Rising Suns, according to recent studies.

• Extremely high numbers of Japanese do not find sex appealing. 45 percent of women and 25 percent of men, ages 16 to 24, are “not interested in or despised sexual contact.”

• More than half of Japanese are single. 49 percent of unmarried women and 61 of unmarried men, ages 18 to 34, are not in any kind of romantic relationship.

• In every age group, the percentage of Japanese men and women who are not in a romantic relationship has been increasing steadily since the 1990s.

  • About a quarter of Japanese don’t want a romantic relationship. 23 percent of women and 27 percent of men say they are not interested in any kind of romantic relationship.
  • More than a third of childbearing-age Japanese have never had sex: 39 percent of women and 36 percent of men, ages 18 to 34.
  • The Japanese population institute projects that women in their early 20s have a 25 percent chance of never marrying and a 40 percent chance of never having kids.
  • Is the Internet ushering in a brave new world where human contact is relegated to taps on a keyboard and clicks on a mouse? Dr. Perry cautions that “the brain is a social organ and requires affectionate contact to develop normally.” Japanese young men shut off from the world hunkered down in a room, with eyes infatuated on an LCD screen is a brain frozen in cyberspace.
  • Is humanity devolving into cyber zombies, who retreat to their virtual caves, looking for love and approval from attractive avatars? Isn’t it time to heed the message of the Lord of Flies, “the world, that understandable and lawful world, was slipping away.”

Resources for Human Trafficking

June 2, 2014






The Playground

Senate Testimony on human trafficking

Child Sex Trafficking

Anti Trafficking Organizations:

International Organization for Migration

Canossian Daughters of Charity

ECPAT International-End Child Prostitution and Trafficking

Polaris Project

The Names of 180 of the Kidnapped Victims

June 1, 2014



From Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s The Cry of the Children:

And well may the children weep before you ; They are weary ere they run ; They have never seen the sunshine, nor the glory       Which is brighter than the sun : They know the grief of man, without its wisdom ;    They sink in the despair, without its calm — Are slaves, without the liberty in Christdom, —    Are martyrs, by the pang without the palm, — Are worn, as if with age, yet unretrievingly       No dear remembrance keep,— Are orphans of the earthly love and heavenly :       Let them weep ! let them weep ! They look up, with their pale and sunken faces,       And their look is dread to see, For they think you see their angels in their places,       With eyes meant for Deity ;— “How long,” they say, “how long, O cruel nation,    Will you stand, to move the world, on a child’s heart, — Stifle down with a mailed heel its palpitation,    And tread onward to your throne amid the mart ? Our blood splashes upward, O our tyrants,       And your purple shews your path ; But the child’s sob curseth deeper in the silence.       Than the strong man in his wrath !”

Please pray for their individual and collective safety, strength, and speedy rescue!

The release of the names and photographs of the schoolgirls who were abducted from Government Secondary School, Chibok in Borno State, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) yesterday released the names of 180, which it said were kidnapped from the school. However, the government has not provided all the names of abducted school girls since news reports claim that there were 275 girls were kidnapped. The partial list below appeared in an African newspaper here. The trauma and terror that these young girls are enduring is unimaginable. Hopefully, their names will bring home the reality of this horrendous atrocity.

The names of the Christian girls as provided by CAN were as follows: Deborah Abge Christian, Awa Abge, Hauwa Yirma, Asabe Manu, Mwa Malam Pogu, Patiance Dzakwa, Saraya Mal. Stover, Mary Dauda, Gloria Mainta, Hanatu Ishaku, Gloria Dama and Tabitha Pogu. Others were Maifa Dama, Ruth Kollo, Esther Usman, Awa James, Anthonia Yahonna, Kume Mutah, Aisha Ezekial, Nguba Buba, Kwanta Simon, Kummai Aboku, Esther Markus, Hana Stephen, Rifkatu Amos, Rebecca Mallum, Blessing Abana, Ladi Wadai, Tabitha Hyelampa and Ruth Ngladar. Also, Safiya Abdu, Naomi Yahonna, Solomi Titus, Rhoda John, Rebecca Kabu, Christy Yahi, Rebecca Luka, Laraba John, Saratu Markus, Mary Usman, Debora Yahonna, Naomi Zakaria, Hanatu Musa, Hauwa Tella, Juliana Yakubu, Suzana Yakubu, Saraya Paul, Jummai Paul, Mary Sule and Jummai John, were included on the list. Other girls included: Yanke Shittima, Muli Waligam, Fatima Tabji, Eli Joseph, Saratu Emmanuel, Deborah Peter, Rahila Bitrus, Luggwa Sanda, Kauna Lalai, Lydia Emmar, Laraba Maman, Hauwa Isuwa, Comfort Habila, Hauwa Abdu, Hauwa Balti, Yana Joshua, Laraba Paul, Saraya Amos, Glory Yaga and Naomi Bitrus. In addition, the names of Godiya Bitrus, Awa Bitrus, Naomi Luka, Maryamu Lawan, Tabitha Silas, Mary Yahona, Ladi Joel, Rejoice Sanki, Luggwa Samuel, Comfort Amos, Saraya Samuel, Sicker Abdul, Talata Daniel, Rejoice Musa, Deborah Abari, Salomi Pogu, Mary Amor, Ruth Joshua, Esther John, Esther Ayuba, Maryamu Yakubu, Zara Ishaku, Maryamu Wavi, Lydia Habila, Laraba Yahonna, Naomi Bitrus, Rahila Yahanna, Ruth Lawan, Ladi Paul and Mary Paul, were included on the list.

Others on the list were: Esther Joshua, Helen Musa, Margret Watsai, Deborah Jafaru, Filo Dauda, Febi Haruna, Ruth Ishaku, Racheal Nkeki, Rifkatu Soloman, Mairama Yahaya, Saratu Dauda, Jinkai Yama, Margret Shettima, Yana Yidau, Grace Paul, Amina Ali, Palmata Musa, Awagana Musa, Pindar Nuhu and Yana Pogu. Other girls’ names on the list included: Saraya Musa, Hauwa Joseph, Hauwa Kwakwi, Hauwa Musa, Maryamu Musa, Maimuna Usman, Rebeca Joseph, Liyatu Habitu, Rifkatu Yakubu, Naomi Philimon, Deborah Abbas, Ladi Ibrahim, Asabe Ali, Maryamu Bulama, Ruth Amos, Mary Ali and Abigail Bukar. Also, the names of Deborah Amos, Saraya Yanga, Kauna Luka, Christiana Bitrus, Yana Bukar, Hauwa Peter, Hadiza Yakubu, Lydia Simon, Ruth Bitrus, Mary Yakubu, Lugwa Mutah, Muwa Daniel, Hanatu Nuhu, Monica Enoch, Margret Yama, Docas Yakubu, Rhoda Peter, Rifkatu Galang, Saratu Ayuba, Naomi Adamu, Hauwa Ishaya, Rahap Ibrahim, Deborah Soloman, Hauwa Mutah, Hauwa Takai and Serah Samuel, were included on the list.

CAN also gave the names of the Muslim schoolgirls who were abducted as: Aishatu Musa, Aishatu Grema, Hauwa Nkeki, Hamsatu Abubakar, Mairama Abubakar, Hauwa Wule, Ihyi Abdu, Hasana Adamu, Rakiya Kwamtah, Halima Gamba, Aisha Lawan, Kabu Malla, Yayi Abana, Falta Lawan and Kwadugu Manu

Elizabeth Yore was Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc., as Oprah Winfrey’s Child Advocate. She is an international child advocate and lawyer who has successfully recovered many children involved in international abductions. She served as the General Counsel and Director of the International Division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. She has found children kidnapped to Nigeria.

Out of the Mouth of Babes

May 20, 2014


IMG_0441 - Version 2

As a child advocate lawyer for 30 years, I always espoused ‘listen to the little children.’ The simple wisdom, truth, honest observations, and humor of children serves a guiding light for hardened and cynical adults. I learned this lesson first hand, yet again.

Last week it was time to risk it and bring my 2 1/2 year old grand daughter, Emily Mary to morning mass. Saturday 8:00 Morning mass at St. Mary’s is well attended with over 100 mass goers. This time, we wouldn’t sit in the basement crying room watching the mass on a flat screen TV, rather we would venture bravely into Church sitting close to the altar. I hoped that proximity to the action on the altar would keep her transfixed and quiet.

Before we entered church, I did what every grand parent who wants a well behaved child in church, I bribed Emily with breakfast at her favorite restaurant if she was silent throughout Mass. I also promised (bribed) her that she could light a candle (press the button to the electric candle) at the statue of the Blessed Mother if she didn’t talk in Church.

We made it through the homily, without a peep from Emily, so far so good. At the Offertory I saw her eyeing my Magnificat missal and sure enough, she asked to look at it. She was quiet, but madly turning through the paper thin pages of the Magnificat. Next, I thought she will ask for crayons to color my missal. At this point, I would give her anything, just to keep her quiet during the consecration. And then it happened….

All of a sudden, I heard her bellow out, viva voce, “I found Jesus!” Then she yelled it again, “I found Jesus.” I turned to her and she was showing me a photo in the back of the Magnificat which showed a painting of Jesus. She was pointing proudly to Jesus with a huge smile on her face. I hadn’t realized that as she was frantically turning the pages, she was hoping to find a picture of Jesus. That was her intent all along, to see Jesus among the pages of indiscernible words. Emily was so proud and so happy with herself for finding Jesus. She immediately settled down and was quiet for the remainder of Mass.

This touching moment with my grand daughter reminded me of the search that so many of us embark on. As Emily hurried through the pages of the little missalette, I am reminded of humanity’s frenzied search for meaning. We tear through life, frantically looking for satisfaction, while not realizing that we simply need Christ’s peace. As only a toddler can understand and pointed out so innocently, Jesus is found in the daily reading of the Word of God.

As promised, Emily Mary lit a candle at the statue of the Blessed Mother. I heard her whisper as she knelt at the kneeler, “I love you Jesus.”

Out of the mouth of babes.


© Elizabeth Yore-2014 All Rights Reserved. Elizabeth Yore served as Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc. Previously, she was General Counsel at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for 8 years and the General Counsel at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Most of all, she is the proud grandmother of Emily Mary and her little sister, Madeline Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Yore

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