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February 23, 2015

“But I have weighed you, says God, and I have not found you wanting.
O people who invented the cathedral, I have not found you wanting in the faith.
O people who invented the crusade, I have not found you wanting in charity.
As for hope, it might be better not to mention that, because they have taken all of it.”

~~Charles Peguy, God and France, (1912)

Would the brilliant French poet, Charles Peguy still compose these imaginings uttered by God about France? How would the poetry of the devout Peguy capture the Catholic faith in post modern France? Surely, Peguy would notice the empty cathedrals, the greying congregation, and the apathy of baptized, but lapsed Catholics and the grim reality of Catholicism supplanted by secularism.

Will the terrorist massacres of Charlie Hebdo bring France back to its knees?

On January 11, 2015, over a million French marched through the streets of Paris, in protest against Islamic terrorism and in support of the 17 murdered and 22 injured victims. Throughout the country, the French marched together arm in arm, along its own Via Dolorosa, mourning the brutality of terrorism.

The anger of the French was palpable in the March for Unity. As far as the eye could see, the streets of Paris were choked with marchers carrying Je suis Charlie signs, waving French flags, in support of the victims. Among the marchers winding through the streets of Paris, were French citizens carrying oversize pencils symbolizing the murdered cartoonists who sketched for the satirical magazine. It was an impressive demonstration of unity and solidarity for the victims of terrorism.

Oddly, in this once Catholic country, no symbols of Christianity were visible in the crowd. The words, Not Afraid were spelled out with lighted votive candles. Ironically, votive candles that once burned brightly in French cathedrals, now serve as the secular symbol of protest. Here, in France, where the prayerful pilgrimage was founded, is now replaced by a Mass March which ends not in a March to Mass at one of the 16 Notre Dame Cathedrals, but ends when the media turns off their cameras and coverage.

Secular Europe finds temporary salve for its psychic wounds and anger in mass marches in its capitals. In October 1997, 350,000 Belgians took to the streets of Brussels to protest their corrupt and incompetent justice system that allowed a known pedophile to abduct and rape 6 young girls and murder 4 of them. The impressive and massive White March with Belgians dressed in white, carrying white balloons for the innocence of the children stunned Europe. For a brief moment, the usually placid Belgians demanded that their government institute child protection laws and reforms. Yet, like most secular protest marches, nothing changed in Belgium. The incompetent government survived a no confidence vote. Children returned to their lowly and insignificant status and known pedophile murderers continued to abduct, rape and kill children despite the demands of the White Marchers.

Secularism reigns in the once Catholic Belgium, as does the “catholic” Belgian King, who in 2014 signed a euthanasia law for terminally ill children, the first of its kind in the world. So much for the White March and its demand for laws that protect lives of children!

After the Charlie Hebdo attack, French President Hollande declared that the Islamic jihadists have declared war on France. In the last year alone, Belgium, France, and Denmark experienced Islamic terror cells wreaking murder, mayhem, and brutal violence aimed at innocent and unsuspecting citizens. Jihad has been waged against Europe.

Will the grim prediction of the French novelist and essayist, Georges Bernanos, who recognized the French apathy in the threat of Nazism in 1938, occur again with Islamic terror:

“Christendom created Europe. Christendom is dead. Europe is going to cave in. Nothing could be simpler.”

Bernanos’ dire prognosis seems to be unfolding in France and Europe as it faces another violent murderous ideology. While the fleeting euphoria of a massive march may temporarily quell anxiety among the populace, the reality of a France bereft of its Catholic faith, leaves it defenseless to fight the radical ideology of indiscriminate terror. Freedom is under assault by Islamic jihadism. Georges Bernanos describes the pathology of secularism, in one of his last essays entitled, Why Freedom:

“All humanity is sick. It is necessary above all to re-spiritualize man. For such a task it is time, high time, to mobilize all the forces of the spirit, in haste, cost what it may. God grant that the order to do this may come from my country, which is so humiliated today!”

Bernanos recognized that for generations, the French scoffed at the Catholic faith, and lost its soul, and its will to fight evil.

What will happen to France in the face of a violent and disenchanted Islamic extremist enemy which, like the Nazi Germans, now occupies France? Has Western Europe forgotten that in a mere six weeks the Nazi army conquered four countries? It can happen again and as quickly as before. The rampage of the cunning jihadists will continue unabated and largely unchallenged. They lurk, waiting for the opportune time to strike, in Parisian neighborhoods and throughout France, unleashing terror, not with an overpowering army, but with a handful of brutal ideologues, playing by their own set of murderous rules. This enemy has no uniforms, no generals, no rules of engagement and these warring occupiers have blended into French society as the elusive enemy.

France is on the verge of a bloody war for its soul. France needs a miracle.

Yet, the urbane and secular French cling to their pensions and paté, but not to their faith. According to a 2010 Eurobarometer Poll, only 27% of French citizens responded that “they believe there is a God.” This does not bode well for a country needing divine intervention to fight an enemy who is evil incarnate.

Are the French too cynical and sophisticated to pray? How do the French hope to defeat this evil scourge of terrorism? With pencils and placards? Resisting the violent Islamic jihadists with pencils and placards is like fighting the murderous Boko Haram with a 5 second social media hashtag campaign like #BringBackOurGirls.

It’s like taking an iphone to a….beheading.

Secularism banished God and faith from the public square and yet the public square is now the battleground of the new evil of jihadism. How does France defeat this barbarian and religious zealot without the power and intervention of God? Bernanos aptly describes the symptoms of secularism, in a speech entitled Liberté:

“This sclerotic hardening and stiffening of consciences, this drying up of the soul’s deepest wellsprings, is a universal phenomenon. I have been observing in my own country, among my own people….God is going away, God is withdrawing from us, and how empty and heavy at once he is leaving us. We have lost that interior freedom that was our inherited privilege…and it’s God we have lost along with it.”

Hopefully, France been brought to its knees. The nation was shaken by the despicable actions of only three people. Do not be fooled. More madmen are plotting in the shadows of Marseille, Toulouse, Lyon and Paris. France needs a warrior saint, like the young peasant girl from Domremy, Joan of Arc, who fearlessly led the French army to defeat the English army against all odds. Armed with her orders from God, fervent prayer and a fearless heart, Joan uttered these memorable words before battle, “I am not afraid, for God is with me. I was born for this!”

The question remains. Will France return to prayer and to her heritage as the eldest daughter of the Church? Is there a glimmer of hope, a recognition that the only way to defeat the barbaric rampage of evil is through a return to the Catholic Faith, the faith of the fearless soldier Saint Joan, to the faith of the many French Marian miracle shrines, to the magnificent Notre Dame Cathedrals, 16 of them which tower over the French landscape.

Replace Mass Marches with Marches to Mass

A massive street march makes for good television optics. Nothing more. Inevitably, the marches end, people return to their everyday lives, waiting for the next catastrophe. Lay down your clever Je suis Charlie signs and pick up your rosaries and crucifixes. Yes, take to the streets and march to mass, on pilgrimages, to your beautiful Notre Dame Cathedrals. Fill them, like you filled the streets of Paris during the March for Unity,

Shortly before entering World War I, as a French soldier, Charles Peguy wrote the moving poem, Presentation of the Beauce to Our Lady of Chartres, written during a pilgrimage in thanksgiving to Our Blessed Mother for answering his prayers to miraculously heal his young son of the deadly typhoid disease. As Peguy walked 3 days from Paris to the Notre Dame Cathedral de Chartres, he composed these stanzas which describe the power of Our Blessed Mother waiting at her Cathedral in Chartres to protect the warrior and vanquish the foe:

Sailing to your cathedral city thus we go,
A rosary of stacks emerges here and there,
As circular as tower, opulent and rare,
Like forts on a flagship, ringed against the foe.

You see us marching on, we are the infantry,
One step at a time is the most that we advance,
But two thousand years of the people and the Kings of France.

This is the stone without a stain, or fault.
Never was a prayer that carried greater weight.
And never was an argument that went more straight, And never taller line soared to a boundless vault.

And when we shall awake, at dawn tomorrow, It will prove a purifying resurrection,
The arms of your cathedral our protection,

Crippled by our journey, full of joy and sorrow.

France desperately needs to reengage its spiritual infantry to fight the evil of Islamic jihadism. Europe is on the verge of an epic battle with a relentless and barbaric enemy. The fight will be lost without its most potent weapon, the Catholic faith.

The final stanza of the poem, God and France by the warrior poet, Peguy, rings out an urgent and prophetic message for France:

“Now those Frenchmen, just as they are, are my best servants. They have been and always will be my best soldiers in the crusade. And there will always be a crusade.”

It’s time to start walking the pilgrimage to Chartres.

Elizabeth Yore is an international child advocate attorney who assisted the Belgian families of the murdered children during the White March. Formerly, she was Special Counsel to Oprah Winfrey, serving as her Child Advocate. Elizabeth was General Counsel at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Director of its International Division.

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February 13, 2015

No Shades of Grey-the Pornification of America

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February 12, 2015


February 12, 2015


Ghost Haunting Kasper

December 18, 2014

“Christian optimism is based on the fact that we do not fit into the world.” ~G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy


Charles Peguy

Charles Peguy

Although diminutive in height and girth, he casts a wide shadow in the annals of French Catholicism. He was a devout Catholic burdened with a complicated personal life, yet nevertheless a faithful adherent to the dictates of canon law prohibiting him from Holy Communion. He was devoted to the Blessed Mother, but separated from her Son in Holy Communion. A baptized Catholic who propounded socialism and agnosticism, and then reverted to the Faith to become one of the great French Catholics. His very footsteps are followed today by devout modern pilgrims who trek the three day pilgrimage (the Peguy Way) from Paris to Notre Dame de Chartres Cathedral. His brief life still reverberates in the streets of Paris, its countryside, and throughout the Catholic Church. He is known as the Catholic Pilgrim Poet who battled the Modernists.

The ghostly footsteps of Charles Peguy overshadow and reveal the twisted trail of heterodoxy forged by German Cardinal Walter Kasper for the last 30 years and, most recently, at the Family Synod in the Vatican. If only Peguy attended the October Synod, clarity, not chaos, would have prevailed.

The liberal German Cardinal Walter Kasper pontificates in contravention to Church teaching that Catholics who divorce and civilly remarry should be admitted to holy communion. During the October Synod on the Family, Cardinal Kasper addressed the Synod and waltzed around the established Church doctrine prohibiting communion, by arguing that the doctrine of the indissolubility of marriage was not changing, only the practice. Huh? Kasper’s clever linguistic and theological sleight of hand obscured the truth by invoking the nuanced term, mercy. He maintains that orthodox views are unmerciful because they ignore the reality of modern society, where truth and fidelity are unattainable so relaxation of rules is the only merciful stance. Charles Peguy, the arch enemy of the early 20th century French Modernists, spares no mercy to describe the liberalism in the Catholic Church.

“The lie of man, the adult lie, the earthly lie, the soiled lie, the dirty lie.”

The Mystery of the Innocents, Peguy


Cardinal Walter Kasper

Cardinal Walter Kasper

The theological euphemistic drumbeat of mercy dominated the Family Synod. With forked tongue, Kasper, as the lead voice, warned that the Church must reflect the reality of the modern world or risk becoming irrelevant. Kasper believes that it is unmerciful to refuse communions to remarried Catholics, citing the reality of millions of Catholics married outside the Church.

Kasper’s “if we can’t beat ‘em, let’s join ‘em” attitude runs afoul of Church doctrine and the reality of sanctifying grace. The life of Charles Peguy, unmasks Kasper’s deception and the fallacy of his argument. Peguy intimately knew the corrosive effect of modernity on the soul and the Catholic faith, and by capitulating to secular society, you sell your soul to the devil.

How does Charles Peguy life expose the heresy of Cardinal Walter Kasper?

Peguy, a baptized Catholic, who fell away from the faith was an avowed agnostic for much of his adult life. He was mired in the cynical, political modern reality of secularism. Like many modern Catholics, Peguy married outside the Church to an atheist who was virulently anti Catholic and they had four children whom his wife refused to be baptized in the Church. Yet, in 1908, Peguy quietly returned to his Catholic faith and said to a friend, “I have found my faith again. I am a Catholic.” He began writing poetry, Catholic poetry, and is recognized as the literary offspring of St. Therese of Lisieux’s spiritual childhood.

John Saward in The Way of the Lamb powerfully describes Peguy’s virulent criticism of Modernism which brought about the de-Christianization of France, not unlike the rampant secularism in the 21st century Catholic Church.

“During Peguy’s lifetime, that innocence of faith which the Church called orthodoxy was violated by Modernism. Peguy abhorred ‘the Modernist superstition’. He defined it as ‘not believing what one believes’. The Modernists were guilty of theological humbug, an adult duplicity that is the opposite of childhood’s simplicity.”

Saward excoriates the modern cleric so prevalent during Peguy’s time and who still dominates the Church landscape in the person of Cardinal Walter Kasper and his mercy minions.

“The Modernist cleric lives a lie: he enjoys the social advantages of priesthood while undermining the dogmatic faith that alone gives the priesthood its meaning. Peguy tears down the romanticized picture of the heretic as a brave defender of intellectual liberty. Modernism is a ‘system of cowardice’, a craven capitulation to everything that crushes true freedom. Theological dissent is the plaything of the self-indulgent, ‘the virtue of the top people.’”

As Peguy intimately understood, the Modernists in the Church wreak havoc with the faith by eschewing doctrinal fidelity. Illness brought Peguy to his knees and back to the faith. Bedridden with a serious disease, Peguy began to pray again; he recited the prayers he learned in childhood. After he recovered, he was known to pray while he walked from one end of Paris to the other.

After this reversion to the Catholic faith, Peguy began to write religious poems. His Portal of the Mystery of Hope is perhaps the greatest, yet most unrecognized religious poem of the 20th century. The portal represents the door to the Cathedral. It was here at the entrance to Notre Dame de Chartres that Peguy clung to hope and prayed to the Blessed Virgin for himself, his wife and children and for his country, France.

Peguy understood and accepted that his irregular non Catholic marriage made it impossible to go to Holy Communion, but it did not invalidate his practice of the faith. The more he prayed, the more he felt God’s grace. Yes, Cardinal Kasper, your ‘theological humbug‘ dismisses God’s sanctifying grace which flows to a man who follows Church teaching in humility and obedience.

“Despite his devotion to the Blessed Sacrament, Peguy felt no bitterness at his separation from the altar. Unlike those in our own day who campaign against the Church’s law on Marriage and the Eucharist, he was even able to see a positive meaning in his situation. He bears on himself, the mark of the Church as a witness, because he retains on himself the trace, the mark of a Church penalty. He is like a perpetual witness.” John Saward, The Way of the Lamb.

Shortly after Peguy recovered from his illness, his 11 year old son, Marcel contracted the deadly typhoid fever. Peguy made the 3 day pilgrimage walking from Paris to the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Chartres to beg Our Lady to heal his son. He repeated that pilgrimage in thanksgiving for his son’s miraculous recovery. Today, Peguy’s pilgrimage journey draws thousands of pilgrims to Chartres every year.

Before he left home to fight for France in the great battle at Marne in World War I, Peguy visited Notre Dame and prayed to the Blessed Mother, ‘I give you my wife and children. I lay them in the lap of Our Lady to take care of them.’ His complicated marital status with the Church did not prevent him from hoping that Our Lady would answer his prayers. It was his fondest and deepest hope that his wife and children would come into full communion with the Catholic Church. Peguy hoped and believed that the Blessed Mother who heard and answered his previous prayers would answer him again. Of this, Peguy had no doubt.

“To the Church Triumphant, Peguy’s heart soars up on wings of hope: “We must strive to belong to her…We must pray to [the saints] for others and for ourselves-we can do it openly–pray to them, for those who belong to the Church Suffering and those who belong to the Church Militant.” Clio, Peguy

On September 4,1914, Lt. Charles Peguy led his French battalion into the battlefield at Marne. He was shot in the forehead and died instantly at the age of 41.

His fourth child was born after his death. Peguy’s prayers were answered as his wife and children were baptized into the Catholic Church in the following years after his death. Those granted prayers are the manifestation of theological hope practiced in the footsteps on the pilgrimage to Chartres and so vividly displayed in his poem, Presentation of the Beauce to Our Lady of Chartres.

“When in a narrow grave we shall at last be laid,

And after absolution and the requiem Mass,

Deign to remember this long pilgrimage in Beauce,

O Queen of all vows to whom our vows are made.”

Charles Peguy instinctively knew that being a faithful and obedient Catholic, despite the painful sacrifice of separation from the Eucharist was itself, a sanctifying grace. His adherence to and observance of Church law ennobled his prayers and soul. The graces that suffused from his sacrificial witness and prayerful spiritual communion with the Catholic faith touched thesoul of his wife, his children, and thousands who walk in his footsteps to visit and pray to Notre Dame de Chartres every year for the last 100 years. Despite his early tragic death, Peguy understood that, “Life holds only one tragedy, ultimately: not to have been a saint.”

These words should haunt Cardinal Kasper.

© Elizabeth Yore-2014 All Rights Reserved. Elizabeth Yore is the former Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc.where she served as Oprah Winfrey’s Child Advocate. She is also served as the General Counsel at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and General Counsel and Director of the International Division of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Virginia.

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November 8, 2014


The Nod to Sin Synod

November 4, 2014


“What’s Belgium famous for? Chocolates and child abuse, and they only invented the chocolates to get to the kids.”

From the movie, In Bruges 

The October Papal Family Synod, appearing more like the Nod-to-sin, inexplicably and curiously included a Papal Appointment to the Synod from Belgium, retired Cardinal Godfried Danneels.

During his 30 year reign from 1979-2010, as primate of Belgium, Cardinal Danneels oversaw the disastrous free fall of Catholicism in the once strongly Catholic country. Danneels presided over the precipitous secularization of Belgium which instituted abortion on demand, same sex marriage, and euthanasia. In June 2013, Danneels indicated his support for providing legal recognition for same-sex couples. He said “The Church has never opposed the fact that there should exist a sort of ‘marriage’ between homosexuals, but one therefore speaks of a ‘sort of’ marriage, not of true marriage between a man and a woman, therefore another word must be found for the dictionary. About the fact that this should be legal, that it should be made legitimate through a law, about this the Church has nothing to say.” Not surprisingly, under his episcopacy, religious vocations sunk to a historic low and church attendance dropped to a pitiful 6%.

Why would Pope Francis choose Danneels to be included in a select group of prelates for a Synod on the Family whose stated purpose is to explore a more robust Catholic evangelization? But there is even more disturbing behavior which raises serious questions about the Pope’s judgment in choosing Danneels to advise him on family issues and propagating the Catholic faith.

On April 8, 2010, the newly retired Cardinal Danneels received some visitors at his home. They were the relatives of the Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, Danneels’ close friend. At this meeting, the nephew of Vangheluwe described a long and sordid 13 year molestation by his uncle, the Bishop of Bruges. Cardinal Daneels advised the nephew not to go public with the sexual abuse. During the meeting, Danneels advised the young man not to “make a lot of noise” about the abuse he endured from his uncle bishop because Vangheluwe was scheduled to retire in a year anyway. “It would be better that you wait,” advised Danneels, while also urging the young man to forgive his uncle.

The conversation was tape recorded by the nephew and subsequently released to the press. Cardinal Daneels, the former head of Belgium’s Roman Catholic Church for 3 decades, could be heard on tape urging this sexual abuse victim to stay quiet and not disclose the abuse until after the bishop who repeatedly molested him over a span of 13 years could retire. After the release of the recording, Danneels did not dispute the authenticity of the conversation. A media firestorm was unleashed in Belgium, a country still reeling over institutional coverups of child sex abuse.

Bishop/Uncle Vangheluwe admitted to the sexual abuse of his nephew and stepped down from his post shortly after the April 8 meeting between his nephew and Danneels. Because of the statute of limitations law, the Bishop of Bruges was never charged with the crime. However, the plot continues to thicken.

The daily De Standaard newspaper reported that two former Belgian priests, Fathers Rik Deville and Norbert Bethune had personally informed Cardinal Danneels about Bishop Vangheluwe’s child sexual abuse several times between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. Father Deville told the Associated Press that he told Cardinal Danneels about a number of sexual-abuse cases. “The cardinal sometimes got angry and said it was not my job, that I should not get involved,” DeVille said.

Troubling, isn’t it that Pope Francis would select the disgraced Danneels for a prestigious Family Synod appointment after the Pope has verbally condemned bishops over the lingering global clergy abuse scandal? Francis exhorted the hierarchy that, “You don’t play around with the lives of children. The shame of the Church! But are we all ashamed of those scandals, of those failings of priests, bishops, laity. Where was the Word of God in those scandals? They did not have a relationship with God! They had a position in the Church, a position of power, even of comfort.”

Yes, precisely, Holy Father! Cardinal Godried Danneels served in a ‘position of power and comfort’ in his palace office for 30 years. And now, the retired Cardinal enjoys a position of power at the Family Synod.

Cardinal Danneels’ clerical coverup over the Vangheluwe molestation dominated European and global headlines for weeks. Overnight he went from the darling of the liberal press, to become the European poster prelate for silencing victims of clerical child sex abuse. Surely, Pope Francis knew about this scandal. But the plot thickens even further.

The Belgian Police conducted a surprise raid on the Cardinal’s residence and office looking for documents relating to clergy abuse and questioned the Cardinal for 10 hours. Although the Cardinal was never charged, the Catholic Church’s own investigation commission issued a 200 page report on 10 September 2010.

According to the report, the commission heard allegations from 488 complainants, concerning incidents that took place between 1950 and 1990. The report contained testimony from 124 people. Two-thirds of the complainants were men, now aged in their 50s and 60s. As head of the commission, Dr. Peter Adriaenssens, a prominent and respected psychiatrist, disclosed that Cardinal Godfried Danneels name surfaced in 50 cases, not as an abuser, but as someone who knew of the sexual child abuse by the clergy.

Belgium’s new Catholic leadership, Archbishop André-Joseph Léonard said he was committed to exposing abuse cases, “The time for cover-up is over,” pledged the Archbishop.

But there are even more shocking revelations about this papal Family Synod member.

In 1998, a Catholic catechism textbook for Belgian children called Roeach 3 showed comic-book-style pictures of toddlers asking sexual questions and engaging in sexual play. The Belgian Catholic hierarchy, of which Danneels was the head, stated that the textbook was intended for adolescents, (as if that is a valid and Catholic justification) and that the pictures were meant to convey the idea that young children experience lust, a prevalent theory in contemporary psychology. Catholic parents were enraged and demanded that the Catechism be pulled from classrooms. Danneels repeatedly rebuffed the parent’s requests for meetings and removal of the book. Ultimately, the textbook was withdrawn after Catholic parents were required to seek intervention from the Vatican.

Will Cardinal Danneels’ sexualized approach toward child catechesis and his dismissive and arrogant attitude toward Catholic parents be reflected in the final Family Synod document?

Read the shocking and sordid story of Cardinal Danneels’ callous and imperious treatment of Catholic parents here.

It is unconscionable and baffling that a prelate who covers up clergy child sex abuse, condones laws in direct violation of Church teaching, and allows the publication and distribution of prurient images and heretical teaching in a Catholic catechism for children provide advice and guidance to Pope Francis on the status of the Catholic family. What pastoral value and insight could this discredited Cardinal bring to the Synod’s understanding of the Catholic family?

It boggles the mind and rattles the soul that this Cardinal who oversaw the precipitous decline and destruction of the Catholic faith in Belgium, promotes the sexualization of children is providing expertise on the future of the Catholic family.

One final legacy from the 30 year ‘pastoral leadership’ of Danneels hangs over the Belgian Catholic Church. As a result of the rampant clergy child sex abuse scandal throughout Danneels’ reign, there were 13 suicides of victims of the clergy abuse. Inflicting and ignoring the criminal sexual abuse of children has deadly consequences and destroys families; it’s a nod to sin.

“But because of the choices I made, and the course that I put into action, that little boy isn’t here anymore, and he’ll never be here again. I mean here in the world, not here in Belgium. Well, he’ll never be here in Belgium either, will he?”

The movie, In Bruges

Elizabeth Yore is an international child rights attorney who provided legal and technical assistance to victim families and the government during the Belgian Dutroux pedophile serial killer case. Elizabeth Yore has spent 30 years in legal child advocacy. Recently, she served as Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc. as Oprah Winfrey’s child advocate. Previously, she was General Counsel at the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services for 8 years and the General Counsel at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Elizabeth Yore

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