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September 17, 2018



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Parents, Sleepover Precautions

July 12, 2018

July 12, 2018

Dear Friends,

The summer is here and it’s inevitable that your child will ask you if it’s okay to have a sleepover at a friend’s house.

Before you decide to say yes, it’s vital that you have the answers to the following questions to help better ensure a cybersafe sleepover.

  1. Do you know the family well?
  2. Will adults be home the entire time your child is present?
  3. Is their WiFi set up with parental controls and filters, as well as ALL Internet-enabled devices (gaming devices, laptops, smart phones)?
  4. Is your child’s Internet-enabled device (cell phone, tablet) that s/he brings also protected with parental controls and filters?
  5. Depending on the age of your child, will adults be present when the Internet is accessed?
  6. Have you had a discussion with the child’s parents about the cyber-safety guidelines you expect your child to abide by?
If your child or his friend is old enough to have a cell phone, he or she could use it as a device for cyberbullying or sexting. Of course, open access to the digital world also opens up doors to viewing inappropriate or offensive langue, access to pornography, or access to your child by an online predator.

Kids also use their time together spending endless hours in the online gaming world which can offer its own set of safety challenges. Controls on gaming systems must also be set up to prevent explicit content from surfacing or potential access by a child predator to your child.

Finally, consider using monitoring tools so you can see what sites or information your child is accessing while away from the home, or the time spent using devices. Of course, this will only work on their own personal devices.

Of course, there is other general information you will want to obtain in advance that doesn’t necessarily involve Internet use to ensure your child’s safety. Make sure that your child knows how to connect with you immediately if anything makes them feel uncomfortable.

I always tell parents to trust their instincts – if you don’t feel confident about sending your child for an overnight’s stay, don’t send them; or instead, invite your child’s friend to stay at your own home where you can better monitor all activity. You can always ask a child to check his phone at the front door when arriving.

We’ve got all the information you need to help keep your child safe in the digital world this summer and throughout the year. Please, take some time to learn about online dangers at EIE’s Internet Safety 101SM website. There’s loads of great information on a variety of Internet safety topics, as well as recommended tools. Be sure to print out a copy of EIE’s Rules ‘N Tools(SM) checklist, as well as our Parent’s Pledge and Parent Buddy Check, each of which will help you become proactive in keeping your child safe while online.

Have a cyber-safe summer!

The Eyes of the Nation are on Maine

July 19, 2017

The Eyes of the Nation are on Maine




Female Genital Mutilation is happening in Maine. The time is now to #EndFGMToday and protect little girls from this barbaric practice. Will Maine lawmakers stand up for their youngest residents?

By Elizabeth Yore

The eyes of the nation are on the Maine legislature, which has inexplicably been reluctant to protect little girls from the criminal assault that is female genital mutilation (FGM). FGM is happening all across the United States, and in fact, Maine has been identified by the federal government as one of the top eight high-risk states for FGM.

Despite this frightening and disturbing fact, there is an ongoing battle in the Maine legislature over whether to criminalize FGM, as some lawmakers are resisting efforts to make this heinous and brutal practice a crime.

Why a battle? Why resistance? The mutilation of little girls’ genitals defies all standards of humanity, and cries out as a hideous violation of human rights according to the UN and World Health Organization. And the CDC estimates that more than 513,000 girls are at risk of FGM in the United States!

Yet, some Maine legislators are bowing to the dictates of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which opposes criminalizing FGM. Why are Maine legislators listening to the irrational and callous demands of the ACLU on this very necessary bill, rather than to the cries of little girls who undergo this painful and barbaric procedure—the effects of which last a lifetime? Shockingly, a lawyer and policy director at the ACLU in Maine, Oamshri Amarasingham, has said of FGM: “the risk of mutilation isn’t worth expanding Maine’s criminal code.”

Will Maine’s elected officials stand up and protect little girls from one of the nation’s fastest growing human rights violations? Or will they bow to the edicts of the ACLU, which is using its money and power to lobby heavily against the crime of FGM? Will lawmakers really fail to act to protect their constituents on the false pretense that FGM is not happening in Maine, or the excuse that federal law already covers this heinous act?

Why take the chance that even one little girl will endure pain, trauma and both physical and emotional scars for life if she doesn’t have to?

The state of Michigan recently passed a comprehensive and tough anti-FGM package, which was signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder. Michigan sent a strong message that this criminal assault on little girls will not be tolerated. Will Maine follow Michigan and 24 other states and protect little girls from FGM?

If you are a Maine legislator, please stand up and speak for these young girls and women on July 20, when L.D. 745, a bill that would make female genital mutilation a crime in Maine, could come up for a vote. If you are a resident of Maine, contact your lawmakers to urge them to vote for this important law to protect girls from the horrors of FGM.

Maine must join a growing list of states that are criminalizing the barbaric child sexual assault of female genital mutilation. Little girls in Maine are watching and waiting for justice for merciless mutilators—and the eyes of the nation are on Maine as well, as more states consider strong actions against FGM.

Surely, the will of Maine citizens is to ensure that mutilators are prosecuted and that FGM will not be tolerated in their state. If Maine lawmakers won’t stand up to this barbaric practice, Maine may become a safe harbor for female genital mutilators.

Will the beautiful and scenic harbors of Maine be forgotten as Maine becomes a safe harbor for mutilators of little girls?

Is this the Maine way?

(Elizabeth Yore is an international child rights advocate and head of the new initiative

An Unholy Alliance Wikileaks: Pope Francis and Soros

August 23, 2016


ImageAmong the many smoking guns uncovered in the Wikileaks data dump, lurks documents that should give Catholics great concern. The latest Wikileaks data dump of internal records from George Soros’ Open Society Foundation exposes the most shocking of all his political alliances. According to the leaked Open Society Foundation documents, George Soros funds efforts to promote his radical socialist agenda of income inequality by using the bully pulpit of Pope Francis. Soros seeks to “engage the Pope on economic and racial justice issues” by lobbying the Vatican.

The unholy alliance and stategic plan is exposed in the leaked Open Society U.S. Board Meeting May 2015 book on page 16:

Pope Francis Visit – $650,000 (USP) “Pope Francis’ first visit to the United States in September will include a historic address to Congress, a speech at the United Nations, and a visit to Philadelphia for the “World Meeting of Families. In order to seize this moment, we will support PICO’s organizing activities to engage the Pope on economic and racial justice issues, including using the influence of Cardinal Rodriguez, the Pope’s senior advisor, and sending a delegation to visit the Vatican in the spring or summer to allow him to hear directly from low-income Catholics in America.”

The purpose of the Soros/Vatican collaboration skewers political to influence the 2016 U.S. Elections, thus securing the presidency for Soros’ handpicked candidate, Hillary Clinton.

“The grant will also support FPL’s media, framing, and public opinion activities, including conducting a poll to demonstrate that Catholic voters are responsive to the Pope’s focus on income inequality, and earning media coverage that drives the message that being “pro-family” requires addressing growing inequality. By harnessing the Papal visit to lift up the Pope’s searing critique of what he calls “an economy of exclusion and inequality” and his dismissal of “trickle down” theories, PICO and FPL will work to build a bridge to a larger conversation about bread-and-butter economic concerns and shift national paradigms and priorities in the run-up to the 2016 presidential campaign.”

The Soros’ foundation clearly views Pope Francis as an important ally in the Soros income inequality socialist movement and in the prelude to the 2016 U.S. election. Notice how the radical leftists in the Soros reframe the words pro family as “growing inequality.” This grant description highlights the hijacking of  language by the left by exploiting and twisting words for its own radical political advantage. Its perennial  partner in promoting the transformational language is the leftist media.



Pope Francis and Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga

Another fascinating nugget in the Soros board meeting notes exposes its cozy relationship with Cardinal Rodriguez Maradiaga, the Vice Pope, and close confidante of Pope Francis. Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga of Honduras is described by the Soros operatives as ‘using his influence’ within the Vatican to promote the Soros radical economic inequality narrative. Clearly, Maradiaga has been identified by the Soros empire as a key player in the global radical income redistribution movement. And, indeed, Maradiaga rails against American capitalism at every opportunity.  Soros’ team knows that Maradiaga will happily promote this initiative within the Vatican and, most importantly, with Pope Francis, his close friend.

Who is PICO, the $650,000 grant recipient who will organize activities to engage the Pope on economic and racial justice activities?

According to KeyWiki, PICO is  a progressive national network of faith-based organizations. Like health care reform, this newest PICO initiative aims to redistribute wealth by demanding that “faith leaders step into the big banks’ boardrooms.” PICO National Network initially received a $600,000 grant from Soros’ Open Society Institute. It  was founded in 1972 by John Baumann, a Jesuit priest trained in Saul Alinsky community organizing in Chicago in the 1960s. It was later patterned after COPS, a San Antonio, Texas project of Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation. The Open Society Institute describes PICO as “a network of congregation-based community organizations which brings the voices of people of faith and faith leaders to the public debate on national priorities.”

Soros tracks and funds its Vatican influence through PICO, among others. Open Society Foundation(OSF) recognizes that money spent at the Vatican is money well spent toward the global socialist Soros agenda. They’ve identified Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga as a key insider who is sympathetic and willing to promote the globalist cause. He will be a powerful ally and sympathetic ear to the Soros agenda, while Pope Francis uses the papal pulpit to promote the ideas.

Another important group that is financially supported by Soros is the FPL standing for Faith in Public Life. FPL receives strict instructions in the grant. Unwittingly, OSF also reveals the manipulation and stagecraft employed by the Left to skewer public opinion. OSF shockingly concedes that the polling results by FPL are preordained by Soros, as set forth in the grant:

“FPL’s media, framing, and public opinion activities, including conducting a poll to demonstrate that Catholic voters are responsive to the Pope’s focus on income inequality, and earning media coverage that drives the message that being “pro-family” requires addressing growing inequality.”

There you go. FPL receives its marching orders from its funder to conduct a poll and demonstrate that Catholic voters support Pope Francis on income inequality. Would you ever trust a poll again after seeing the collusion and connivance of the Leftist Soros philanthropy? Who is Faith in Public Life? The innocuous and religious sounding organization is another radical leftist Soros funded organization that drives the left’s agenda in the faith community;

In 2011 the American Thinker exposed the individuals behind FPL and their leftist organization. Who could be against an organization that innocuously calls itself “faith in public life.” FPL is yet another of hundreds of Soros funded satellite organizations masquerading as well-meaning philanthropies which, in reality,promote his radical economic agenda of anti-capitalism and global redistribution, using community organizing tactics.

How fortuitous that Soros found such a popular partner perched on the highest spiritual global platform, one who will promote the leftist agenda using the merciful language and political tactics of the papacy. Catholics serve as a huge and influential voting block in the U.S. election. For Soros, using the head of the Catholic Church to influence this key voting block is reflected in the OSF strategic planning notes. Swing the Catholic vote to the Soros Democratic candidate, and George Soros can dominate the American Presidency. This is not the first time that the unholy alliance of Soros and the Vatican successfully collaborated on a political project.

In 2015, the Soros operatives, embedded in the Vatican, directed Pope Francis’ Environmental Agenda, by delivering for Soros and the UN, an Apostolic Exhortation on Climate Change, and a prized papal endorsement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Pope’s apostolic blessing on the Paris Climate Treaty. Soros won the environmental trifecta sealed and delivered by Pope Francis.

With the Soros-driven environmental deliverables now achieved by Pope Francis, it is now time to turn to item #2 on the Soros radical socialist agenda: global redistribution of wealth. Apparently, Soros knows that, once again, Pope Francis will assist in promoting the Soros socialist agenda. Stay tuned, Catholics, for contrived polling data that reflects your overwhelming support for more global and carbon taxes to redistribute your income more equally. Soros will use the Vatican to promote Hillary, his hand-picked presidential candidate.

You’ve been forewarned.

The Pope’s Boss

August 23, 2016


by Elizabeth Yore

Over a decade ago, with typical hubris, George Soros bragged, that he “is the Pope’s boss, now.” It appears that his boast became a self-fulfilling prophecy in the Francis pontificate.

The two most powerful men in the world joined forces to form a curious and troubling alliance. One of them, often referred to as the most dangerous man in the world, the other, the Vicar of Christ.

Within a few short months of Argentine Bergoglio’s papal election, the Soros inner circle was firmly entrenched at the Vatican, calling the shots, drafting documents, setting the Soros political agenda with the power and moral persuasion of the Vatican. The global eco movement finally found their critical missing component, the voice of moral authority. The greenies can now deposit their feckless leaders, Al Gore, Leo DiCaprio and Michael Moore in the recycle bin.

As the recent WIKILEAKS Soros data dump demonstrates, the billionaire Soros’ tentacles entangle policies and create chaos in countries around the globe through his legions of operatives at his Open Society philanthropies.His money funds extremist groups seeking to topple capitalism, and promote radical environmentalism global order. His coterie of advisors spans the globe in positions of influence and power, carrying out his radical agenda.

Although Open Society funds radical Catholic groups, Soros was unable to capture the papacy as his ultimate prize in world domination because the two previous conservative Popes steadfastly opposed his radical agenda.

Until now.


 UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon,   George Soros,   Jeffrey Sachs

 The environmental movement desperately needed a new dazzling demagogue to bolster its sputtering global warming cause and silence its critics under pain of criminal felonies or mortal sin.

On March 13, 2013, with the sudden and unexpected regime change in Vatican City, Soros and his UN operatives understood that the climate instantly warmed and opportunities abounded with the new leftist Argentine pontiff. George Soros could not have imagined a more perfect partner on the world stage, one he has been searching for his entire career: a major religious leader pontificating as the moral authority for the environmental, borderless countries, mass migration, and pro-Islamic movements.


UN Secy. Gen. Ban Ki Moon, Bishop Sorondo and Pope Francis

Enter, Jorge Bergoglio, the smiling, all merciful Argentine.

Within weeks of the Francis election, Soros’ collaborator, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon paid the obligatory courtesy visit to the new pontiff, and Moon knew something had dramatically changed at the Vatican. After his papal visit, UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon announced to the world, “ We discussed a need to advance social justice and accelerate the world to meet MDGs and the Sustainable Development Goals. (SDGs) We also talked about the need for all of us and the world to advance the dignity and human rights, especially for women and girls.” Shockingly, the newly elected Vicar of Christ seemingly blessed the radical pro-abortion MDGs and SDGs, but this was only the beginning of the Soros coup at the Holy See.

In the words of UN Foundation (another Soros beneficiary) Vice Chair Timothy Wirth, famously known for his condom tree at his previous State Department post said: “We’ve never seen a pope do anything like this. No single individual has as much global sway as he does. What he is doing will resonate in the government of any country that has a leading Catholic constituency.”

The friendly papal reception resonated among the global elites. Alleluia! Francis gave the green light to the controversial abortion laden, gender bending, feminist driven Millenium Development Goals(MDGs) and their offspring, the SDGs.

Jeffrey Sachs, Special Advisor to UN Secretary General on the MDGs also enjoys a 30 year long economic relationship as a Soros stalwart, close advisor and grantee of Soros’ millions. Sachs headed to the Vatican to craft the blueprint for the Vatican’s rollout of the theology of global warming.

Immediately, the UN through its Soros-infused stable of experts began to dominate the Vatican agenda by silencing and banishing any opposing views on the science of global warming. Happily for Soros and the UN, Pope Francis only wanted to “dialogue” with one side of the climate debate.

The Soros Brain Trust at the Vatican-The Green Dream Team


George Soros Joseph Stiglitz Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs, Economist, Director of Columbia University’s Earth Institute, Special Advisor to the UN Secretary General, and long time Soros collaborator and beneficiary. Since 1989, economist Jeffrey Sachs has served as Soros’ peripatetic globe trotting expert promoting his controversial “shock therapy” by lifting currency and price controls, and various other fast paced tactics to introduce countries into the free market economy with mixed results. Sachs rebounded with the assistance of Soros and heads the Earth Institute at Columbia U and reconfigured his skill sets as the UN poverty czar directing the Millenium Villages project with the assistance of $50 million from Soros. Now firmly transformed as a poverty expert, and environmental guru, Sachs built his fiefdom at the United Nations with Soros dollars and transformed into a poverty expert and environmental alarmist, as master of global warming catastrophe handwringing.

Within three months of the Bergoglio election, Jeffrey Sachs, close Soros confidante, is featured as the premiere Vatican speaker, expert, author, and cheerleader of the Francis Eco Theology. Sachs became a permanent fixture at the Vatican, with 10 Vatican addresses promoting the SDGs. Sachs orchestrated the Vatican environmental agenda, by building momentum and consensus for the SDGs. With the input of many other Soros acolytes at the Vatican, they wrote the Vatican’s radical climate change manifesto, Climate Change and Our Common Home in anticipation of the coup de grace, the Papal Exhortation, Laudato Si.

Seemingly, overnight, the Holy See became Ground Zero behind UN Sustainable Development agenda as climate change gained new spiritual status as the Francis theology of environmentalism.

Joseph Stiglitz, Economist, Soros Co-Author and Collaborator and Open Society Grantee, Member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

He has been called the Soros’ economist and his point man. Not surprisingly, he and Soros co authored books together. He is Joseph Stiglitz, who heads the Soros-funded Initiative for Policy Dialogue, which promotes the institution of “a new international currency” and of an international taxation system. Stiglitz also serves a key role in the Francis/Soros Eco Revolution as a member of the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences (PASS) which housed and operates as the command center for the Papal Eco Plot. Stiglitz, like Sachs, serves as a long time Soros collaborator, consultant. Soros and Stiglitz often serve as co-panel members at major global conferences, and Soros provided seed money for another radical organization, Stiglitz’s Socialist International Group. Stiglitz and Sachs also co-wrote the Vatican’s radical environmental manifesto, Climate Change and the Common Good with other Soros allies. Interestingly and significantly, Stiglitz also serves as the longtime economic advisor to Argentine President Cristina Kirchner and her husband, the former President, fellow Peronists along with Pope Francis.

Successfully embedded at the Vatican lurk George Soros’ closest collaborators to carry out his radical leftist global environmental strategy with the blessing and assistance of the Holy See. Yet, more Soros acolytes populated the Vatican.

The Soros/Vatican Mission Control: Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

The Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences serves as the Vatican’s Academic Think Tank. Its Chancellor, Argentine Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, a radical progressive was suddenly empowered to carry out his extremist agenda when his fellow Argentine Bergoglio assumed the Seat of Peter.

During 2013-2015, the Academy frenetically and effectively provided cover for the UN/Soros/SDGs plot that was hatched and implemented under Sorondo’s leadership as he opened wide the doors for the Soros allies. Bishop Sorondo deflected criticism over the Vatican’s sudden and unusually cozy UN relationship. The testy Sorondo remarked in response to serious concerns that the Vatican was letting itself become a platform for the United Nations to promote its own agenda. Bishop Sorondo defended the UN and remarked, “the United Nations is not the devil. Rather, quite the opposite.” Sorondo seems to imply that the UN is on some mission from God.

But, as the saying goes, the devil is in the details and the details include George Soros’ team.

The Soros Brain Trust of Sachs and Stiglitz led the papal revolt to promote the UN/Soros climate change agenda with the help of the other Soros benefactors.

The Soros/UN/ Cronyism at the Vatican

Bishop Marcelo Sanchez Sorondo, Chancellor of the Vatican Pontifical Academy (PASS), sits on the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Advisory Council with Ted Turner and Jeffrey Sachs. Sorondo was recently honored by the UN Foundation, one of George Soros’ philanthropies, for his work promoting SDGs and Laudato Si.

Jeffrey Sachs, longtime confidante and collaborator of Soros economic brain trust co-wrote the Vatican Document Climate Change and the Common Good. Sachs spoke prominently at the Vatican PASS at least 9 times on the climate change catastrophe. Soros gave tens of millions funding many of Sachs’ UN development projects in Africa.

Partha Dasgupta, member of PASS, co-wrote the Vatican document on Climate Change and the Common Good. Dasgupta served on Sachs’ Earth Institute External Advisory Board, along with George Soros.

Peter Raven, Member of PASS, co-wrote the Vatican document on Climate Change and the Common Good. Raven collaborated with the population control radical Paul Erhlich’s research which served as the basis for the controversial and discredited book, The Population Bomb. He, too served on Sachs’ Earth Institute Advisory Board, along with George Soros. Raven served on the executive committee of George Soros International Science Foundation for the USSR.

Joseph Stiglitz, member of PASS, and long time collaborator of George Soros, co-author of books with Soros, as head of Socialist Internationalist, Stiglitz received funding from Soros for the Socialist International , and decades long  economic advisor of the Argentine Socialist Presidents, Cristina and Nestor Kirchner.

Hans Schellnhuber, newly appointed member of PASS, he co-wrote the Vatican document on Climate Change and Climate Good. He is a German scientist and a member of FuturICT, an organization funded by George Soros. He is also vocal and strident proponent of population control.

Naomi Klein-anti capitalist Marxist and radical environmentalist who was invited by Pope Francis to lead a conference on the environment in June 2015. Klein is a member of a George Soros funded environmental group called Klein has been outspoken about the need to overturn capitalism and like, Sachs and Stiglitz, spoke at and supported Occupy Wall Street (Soros Funded) demonstrations in October of 2011.

Emma Bonino Pope Francis met with Bonino to the shock and horror of Catholics. She is a prominent member of Soros’ Global Board of the Open Society Foundations, his major funding philanthropy. Bonino, an Italian politician, is also known as Italy’s female abortionist who has personally performed thousands of abortions, although not even a medical doctor.Pope Francis called her a “one of Italy’s greats” which is akin to calling Kermit Gosnell, one of America’s greats.

Climate Change, not Catholicism on the Vatican Agenda

Sachs and his Soros allies timed their work at the Vatican with strategic precision. On May 25, 2015, the Pope released his eagerly anticipated environmental exhortation, Laudato Si, which called for the passage of the SDGs. On September 25, 2015, the UN scheduled Pope Francis to address the United Nations General Assembly, urging approval of the SDGs, which fortuitously passed on that date.

Francis proudly boasted that he hoped his environmental encyclical, Laudato Si, would be used to promote the passage of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in September 2015, and followed by the passage of the Paris Climate Treaty (Cop 21) in December 2015. Jeffrey Sachs acknowledged that Pope Francis and his encyclical “Laudato Si made the adoption of both the passage of the UN Sustainable Development Goals in Sept. 2015 and the Paris Climate Agreement in December 2015 possible.”

An eleventh commandment is declared: Thou must reduce your carbon footprint.

By the end of 2015, the Soros syndicate had delivered to its patron, George Soros, a 185 page global warming papal exhortation, passage of the SDGs, and most importantly, the green light to begin the implementation of the Paris Climate Treaty, global redistribution of wealth through carbon taxes on the industrialized world.

Mission Accomplished, Mr. Soros.

Soros and Bergoglio–a match made in the celestial ecosystems. Their carbon footprints align on many political issues. George Soros is the largest landowner in Argentina (half a million hectares) with more than 150,000 head of cattle, and he also owns massive Argentine financial assets. Jorge Bergoglio, the first Latin American Pope, the Peronist Argentine with a deep concern for the struggling Argentine economy. Two sides of the Argentine peso, one native born pontiff with deep Vatican Bank pockets, the other, a global billionaire power broker with even deeper pockets.

Both love power and chaos, Francis known for his infamous refrain “make a mess, create chaos,” and Soros for his cryptic “discern the chaos and become rich.” Both men understand that they emerge more powerful when institutions and governments are destabilized. Jorge and George, identical political globalist ideologues: environmentalists, pro-Iran, pro-UN, pro-Cuba, pro-Argentina, pro-mass migration, pro-borderless world, anti death penalty, and, anti-Trump.

George Soros is now the boss of Pope Francis.

It’s an inconvenient truth.



Elizabeth Yore served on the Heartland Delegation that traveled to the Vatican in April 2015 to urge Pope Francis to re-examine his reliance on UN population control proponents who promote climate change. She is an international child advocate attorney, as Special Counsel at Harpo, Inc. as Oprah Winfrey’s Child Advocate. She was General Counsel for the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services, and General Counsel at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Virginia, and its first Director of the International Division handling international child abduction cases and human trafficking cases.

Why Kids Sext and What Parents Can Do

May 12, 2016

Speaking Climate and Human Trafficking Truth at the Vatican. Listen to my Podcast

April 26, 2016

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